Matrix 430 v1.03 Software Upgrade


Matrix 430 Software Update to v1.03.

Included in this upgrade are:

New Features:

  • Antenna to Boom distance can now be set from - 10.0 m (boom forward) to +20 m (boom back.)
  • Added Transport mode to prevent the accumulation of GNSS position bias while transporting to the field when GNSS reception will be poor due to trees, buildings, etc.


  • Corrected problem where changing the implement configuration with a job open could cause the application to crash. User must now close the job in order to change the Implement configuration.
  • Made the power-down and data save procedures more robust, to prevent isolated cases of corrupted job data or consoles not booting into the application correctly in the next power-on event
  • Demo mode can be used with any allowed GNSS configuration
  • Corrected problem where dropping a 'Return-to-Point' location in Demo Mode could cause speed and drawing problems in the next power-on even
  • Firmware updates now run regardless of when the USB drive is inserted in the console
  • Console can be powered off while in Screen-Shot mode with USB Drive inserted in port  

Matrix 430 Software Update to v1.02.

Included in this upgrade are:

New Features:

  • Speed output, signal for rate controllers etc. (requires external power/sense/speed cable: EU – 45-05969 or US – 45-05970)
  • Implement detect input (requires external power/sense/speed cable: EU – 45-05969 or US – 45-05970)
  • No delay in as-applied painting when switching implement on or off via the screen
  • First-time startup settings added to automatically walk user through US/Metric units, Implement settings including sections and antenna position, and GNSS settings


  • Corrected problem of occasional lockup when using Demo mode
  • Virtual lightbar changed from Vehicle mode to Swath mode
  • Improved usage of A+ button 

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zipMatrix 430 v1.03 (31,800 kb)
Matrix 430 Software Update - February 2015

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