Sentry 6120 Droplet Size Monitor
Sentry 6120_Right with RAM-Bar
  • Sentry 6120_Right with RAM-Bar
  • Sentry 6120_Left-Bar
  • Sentry 6120 Right w/ RAM
  • Sentry 6120 Left

Sentry 6120 Features

  • Provides real time operating pressure and corresponding droplet size category feedback for liquid applications
  • Bright backlight adjustable touch screen
  • Image-based Tip Series and Tip Capacity settings allow for simple one-touch selection to choose your spray tip
  • Tip Capacity selection setting uses ISO color coding as well as text for easy identification and selection
  • Low Alarm and High Alarm alert operator when system pressure drops below or rises above the current pressure set point
  • Choose your unit of measurement setting; either US or metric
  • Save up to five spray tips to your "favorites" for quick setting retrieval
Sentry 6120 Kits and Options

Part Number
Sentry 610 System w/ US Lighter Cable
Sentry 6120 System w/ EU Lighter Cable
Sentry 6120 System w/ Battery Leads
Extension Cable, 18′/5 m
Extension Cable, 25′/8 m

pdfSentry 6120 US (421 kb)
Sentry 6120 Droplet Size Monitor Bulletin
Sentry 6120 Droplet Size Monitor Bulletin
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