Matrix Pro GS v4.20 Software Upgrade

Now Available!

Matrix Pro GS v4.20 Language Update

This update will provide you with:
- Updated all languages with AutoSteer translations
-  Corrections to several help text and pop-up dialogs for FieldPilot Pro & UniPilot Pro

Matrix Pro GS Software Update to v4.20

This upgrade from 4.12 will provide you with:
First Release for FieldPilot Pro & UniPilot Pro AutoSteer systems
- Supported Steering modes for FieldPilot Pro & UniPilot Pro: Straight-line AB and Circle Pivot
- Note: Last Pass and Curved AB modes are not supported for FieldPilot Pro and UniPilot Pro in v4.20
- FieldPilot Pro & UniPilot Pro pages only supported in English language. Language updates coming soon for the other languages already supported by Matrix GS. Note: non-AutoSteer pages supported in the same languages as v4.12
- Internal GNSS Receiver now operates at 115200 baud, 8-N-1
- Changes to GNSS subsystem result in faster boot times for many configurations, and GNSS position continuity while opening and closing jobs
- Increased the speed at which FieldPilot setup values increase/decrease on the console
Job must be closed before any Job Data can be transferred to/from console
- Corrected problem where Rate Adjust buttons & Pressure display from TeeJet ISOBUS ECUs sometimes did not display on the Guidance screen
Corrected problem where vehicle profiles that did not include a BoomPilot device that were created in earlier versions would not load in later software versions.
- Note: loading profile the first time in v4.20 will generate a warning. Saving the profile again will prevent further warnings.
Corrected problem where sometimes external GNSS receivers were being reconfigured during console boot.
- VTG enabled, and SBAS disabled for default Chinese configuration

Matrix Pro GS Software Update to v4.12

The following languages are no longer available in the software: Estonian, Finnish, European Portuguese, Serbian and Swedish.

Matrix®Pro GS Software Update from v2.5 to v4.12 
WARNING! Not all settings are retained with upgrade. Use the worksheet provided to make note of your current v2.5 settings (see link below).
WARNING! Jobs, including guidelines, boundaries, application areas and return points are not retained with this upgrade. Export existing jobs to a USB drive before upgrading. To reuse jobs and job data in the new v4.12 software, import the data into Fieldware Link then export as a new GS file. 

Matrix®Pro GS Software Update from v3.0x or higher to v4.12
All settings and jobs are retained with upgrade.

Upgrade from v4.11 will provide you with:
- Start-up time reduced        
- Corrections in Japanese and Czech
Upgrade from v3.0x will provide you with:
- Third-Party Rate control (VRA) added for the following rate controller protocols: LH5000 (e.g. TeeJet 500, Radion 8140), TeeJet 844, MidTech98 (e.g. TeeJet 854, does not include TASC series), TeeJet Teton        
- BoomPilot in Reverse - Supports optional Reverse Sense module that allows BoomPilot to operate while the machine is traveling in reverse       
- Jobs can be started with Automatic Section Control in Automatic mode        
- Upload software to SDM on CAN        
- Additional options added to Units Converter        
- Selectable Job Information on guidance screens additions of Target Rate and Actual Rate        
- Selectable on screen map displays including Where-applied coverage, prescription map zones, Target Rate, and Actual Rate        
- Updated PDF, SHP, and KML reports to include new map options       
- Support for new tips including new images and updated, coordinated colors        
- Show guideline name after activating next guideline        
- X-Track error value can be customized, and can display greater resolution       
- TeeJet compatible ISOXML prescription maps can be imported for variable rate applications    
- GLONASS included as standard feature in all Matrix Pro GS units shipping after approximately May 1, 2015      
- Additional GNSS Receiver mode that allows user to select GPS+GLONASS+SBAS
- ISO date/time format in job names                 
- ClearPath GNSS Filter Reset (separate app install required)


Upgrade from v2.50 will provide you with all of the above plus:

Three Implement Types: 
►In Straight Mode – the boom sections have no length and are on a line a fixed distance from antenna
►In Spreader Mode – a virtual line is created in line with the delivery disks from which the application section or sections can vary in length and can be at different distances from the line (Available only through an unlock code. Not available for sale in UK.) 
►In Staggered Mode – a virtual line is created in line with Section 1 from which the application section or sections have no length and can be at different distances from antenna


  • New Machine Settings – used to transfer machine settings (delete, import, export) and manage machine setting (create a new machine setting, copy a machine setting, a delete machine setting, save the current machine setting to the selected file or load the selected file's machine setting)
  • Implement Offset – used to enter the distance and direction from the GPS antenna to the center of the implement on machines where the implement is not centered relative to the GPS antenna location. 
  • New GPS Configuration Options
    ►PRN – allows optional manual selection of the SBAS PRN used for GNSS differential correction data.
  • FieldPilot remains engaged when GNSS Quality Indicator changes from 4-to-5 and 5-to-4
  • Chinese and Japanese languages supported in reports
  • Droplet Size Monitor – Selecting the correct droplet size when spraying can have a huge impact on both the efficacy of your spraying and the potential for drift. When a Pressure Sensor Interface Kit is present, real time sensing and displaying of droplet size is now an available option with Matrix Pro GS. This feature gives you added confidence that you’re doing your best job while spraying.


  • Enhanced ABSC Performance
  • Enhanced Application Control
    ►On-screen ABSC switch – No more need for Speed/Sense Cable Switch
    ►Applied Area Alarm – used to establish an alert to signal when exiting or entering an applied area without BoomPilot on the system
    ►More accurate boundary mapping
  • Enhanced Screen Features
    ►Increased viewing space in Vehicle View Guidance and Field View Guidance
    ►Three new screen color schemes
    ►Simplified access to setup options with scrolling screens
    ►Camera Image Capture in RealView Guidance
    ►Press and drag panning now in Field View Guidance
    ►Guidance options on transparent background
  • Increased information availability on guidance screens
    ►Coverage area displayed on Home pages and Status Bar pop-outs
    ►Tilt Correction Status now on Status Bar
  • Video configuration options available with direct-connect camera

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