Matrix Pro GS & Aeros ClearPath Receiver Update 1.202

This latest firmware version for TeeJet ClearPath receivers provides improved ability to maintain lock on SBAS correction sources including EGNOS (Western & Central Europe), WAAS (North America), MSAS (Japan), & GAGAN (India). If your ClearPath GNSS receiver is having problems alternating between ‘GPS’ and DGPS’ while in the field, this firmware version should correct that condition.

If you are not operating with SBAS corrections, or of you have not experienced GPS vs. DGPS instability, this update is not necessary.

This update includes all the features and changes included in previous ClearPath receiver updates. 
WARNING! This update will add GLONASS to non-GLONASS GNSS receivers. A GLONASS antenna will be required after updating if you intend to use GLONASS in the position solution.

Updating is an easy process that can be done using the USB port on the Matrix Pro GS or Aeros console.
NOTE: This update is only supported for Matrix Pro GS consoles running v2.50 or later. If you intend to use GPS + GLONASS + SBAS, you must upate to v4.11. If your console is running an older version, the console update can be downloaded from the Tech Support->Software/Firmware Updates section at This update does not apply to Matrix Pro G consoles.

IMPORTANT: This update is only for Matrix Pro GS and Aeros units in the serial number ranges listed below, with ClearPath GNSS receivers running receiver versions 010102 (v1.102). 010105 (v1.105), & 010201 (v1.201). These units were shipped from TeeJet before August 2015. Units shipped from approximately August 2015 will already be running firmware 010202 (v1.202).

Serial Numbers to use

Matrix Pro 570GS w/ClearPath GPS:

Matrix Pro 840GS w/ClearPath GPS

Aeros 9040




















Determine If Update Is Needed 
The best way to determine if your unit should be updated is to check the “Receiver” number and “Version” as shown.  Go to Configuration->GNSS Receiver Configuration->GNSS Status Information and verify the values for “Receiver” and “Version”.

This update should only be used when the "Receiver" is 6 or 7 and the Version is reported as 010102, 010105, or 010201. 
If you receiver is version 010016, you must first update to 010201 before proceeding with this latest update to 010202.

Do not proceed with this update if: 
-  the "Receiver" is not 6 or 7 
-  the "Version" is not 010102, 010105, or 010201.


If you have any questions about whether or not you should update your unit, please contact Product Support at TeeJet Technologies for assistance. 

GNSS Antenna

The GNSS antenna must be GLONASS capable if you intend to use GLONASS in the position solution. TeeJet’s optional RXA-30 antenna is already GLONASS capable, but most Patch antennas sold with Matrix Pro GS consoles equipped with Receiver 6 GNSS receivers are GPS only, and will have to be replaced with GLONASS capable antennas in order to receive and apply GLONASS observations. Options include the RXA-30 antenna (part number 90-02720), and the GLONASS patch antenna (part number 78-50190).



Update to the firmware in the ClearPath GNSS receiver to 010202 (v1.202) in the Matrix Pro GS console (software v2.5, v3.x and later) or Aeros console. keresése

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