Fieldware® Link 5.01


Manage Data Collected and Generated by Matrix® Pro v2.0, Matirx® Pro GS v2.5 and Matrix Pro v3.0 and above
Fieldware Link maintains data in a simple database organized in traditional precision farming hierarchy:
     - Client
          - Farm
               - Field
                    - Job 
More efficiently name and organize job data by entering job details not editable on console such as Client, Farm and Field information. 

Maintains data pertaining to machine and implement settings. Options are specific to the implement type:
     - In Straight mode – the boom sections have no length and are on a line a fixed distance from antenna 
     - In Spreader mode – a virtual line is created in line with the delivery disks from which the application section or sections can vary in length and can be
at different distances from the line (available only through an unlock code) 
     - In Staggered mode – a virtual line is created in line with Section 1 from which the application section or sections have no length and can be at
different distances from antenna

Maintains data pertaining to Rate Control including:
     - Valve setup
     - Calibrations table
     - Sensor and monitor configuration
     - TankMatic support
     - Machine IOM (Input Output Module) Pressure Sensor settings

Reuse Lines, Boundaries, Applied data and ISOXML Prescription mapping
Boundaries, guideline, applied mapping data and prescription mapping can be copied from one job to another, eliminating the need to re-record field boundaries and information. The ability to reuse guidelines means work patterns and directions can be duplicated exactly for subsequent jobs.


Download and Installation
Fieldware Link is available FREE and does not require license codes or registration.

Click installer below under "Documents".

Once the installation program has been downloaded to your computer:
1. Double-click the TEEJET FIELDWARE LINK icon.
2. Follow instructions on installation windows.

Uninstallation of previous versions is not required when updating or reinstalling the software. It is recommended that all jobs be backed up before updating or reinstalling.

System Requirements
Some Microsoft Windows operating systems may require administrator rights to install this software.


Microsoft Operating Systems

Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista or Windows 7

Hard Drive Space

200 MB of free space


IBM compatible x86 Pentium class processor, or newer, 
running at a minimum of 733 MHz


1 GB of RAM

Peripheral Devices

USB 2.0 port

Peripheral Software

Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework 4 Client profile

Matrix Pro GS or Aeros 
    - software version 2.0 or above is required, 
    - 3.0 or above is required to use Machine Settings
    - 4.0 or above is required to use ISOXML mapping


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