Aeros v4.20 Software Upgrade

Now Available!

Aeros v4.20 Language Update

This update will provide you with:
- Updated all languages with AutoSteer translations
-  Corrections to several help text and pop-up dialogs for FieldPilot Pro & UniPilot Pro

Aeros Software Update to v4.20

This upgrade from 4.12 will provide you with:
First Release for FieldPilot Pro & UniPilot Pro AutoSteer systems
- Supported Steering modes for FieldPilot Pro & UniPilot Pro: Straight-line AB and Circle Pivot
- Note: Last Pass and Curved AB modes are not supported for FieldPilot Pro and UniPilot Pro in v4.20
- FieldPilot Pro & UniPilot Pro pages only supported in English language. Language updates coming soon for the other languages already supported by Aeros. Note: non-AutoSteer pages supported in the same languages as v4.12
- Internal GNSS Receiver now operates at 115200 baud, 8-N-1
- Changes to GNSS subsystem result in faster boot times for many configurations, and GNSS position continuity while opening and closing jobs
- Increased the speed at which FieldPilot setup values increase/decrease on the console
Job must be closed before any Job Data can be transferred to/from console
- Corrected problem where Rate Adjust buttons & Pressure display from TeeJet ISOBUS ECUs sometimes did not display on the Guidance screen
Corrected problem where vehicle profiles that did not include a BoomPilot device that were created in earlier versions would not load in later software versions.
- Note: loading profile the first time in v4.20 will generate a warning. Saving the profile again will prevent further warnings.
Corrected problem where sometimes external GNSS receivers were being reconfigured during console boot.
- VTG enabled, and SBAS disabled for default Chinese configuration

Aeros Software Update to v4.12

This upgrade from 4.11 will provide you with:
- Boot time reduced by enhancements to GNSS receiver operation
- Automatic section control mapping improved at higher ground speeds when connected to ISOBUS application rate controller. 
       IC18 sprayer must be running v1.08 or later, IC34 must be running v1.14 or later
- Corrected problem where as-applied job data created with an ISOBUS application rate controller could be lost.
- Corrected problem where implements connected to the ISOBUS sometimes would not be recognized.
- Several changes to boom section control slate handling and display.
       IC18 sprayer must be running v1.08 or later, IC34 must be running v1.14 or later, and TeeJet ISOBUS boom switchbox (where used) must be v1.11 or later.

This upgrade from 4.0 or 4.10 will also provide you with:
- Languages include: English, English-US, French, German, Italian, Portuguese-Brazilian, Spanish-Central/South American
- Additional GNSS Receiver mode that allows user to select GPS+GLONASS+SBAS
- ISO Date/time formatted automatic job names
- ClearPath GNSS Filter Reset (separate app install required)
- Optional dual-frequency (L1/L2) GNSS Receiver supporting GPS, GLONASS and SBAS options
- ISOBUS Universal Terminal for use with IC18 Sprayer, IC18 Spreader or IC34 Rate Control
- TankMatic
- TeeJet compatible ISOXML prescription maps for VRA applications

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