Sentry 6140 Tip Flow Monitor
Sentry 6140_right with mount
  • Sentry 6140_right with mount
Sentry 6140 Tip Flow Monitor

Worn, plugged or partially blocked spray tips can have a significant impact on the quality of your spraying job. Streaks in the field caused by misapplication can result in yield reductions, increased weed pressure and the need to re-apply - all of which can be costly. The Sentry 6140 Tip Flow Monitor provides a simple, reliable solution to this age-old problem. Flow sensors, mounted at each spray tip location, precisely measure the flow passing through the tip and provide instantaneous feedback to the operator should a tip become clogged, lost, or a nozzle body unintentionally rotated to an incorrect position. By eliminating the need to detect plugged tips visually from the cab, operators can cover more acres in a day, and know, with confidence, that their spray tips are operating properly.

Benefits and Features
  • Individually monitor flow performance from every spray tip on your boom
  • Sentry 6140 utilizes a compact flow meter integrated into the individual nozzle body
  • Flow meter detects flow variation caused by clogs, nozzle damage or loss, or upstream flow limitations
  • Deviation from the average flow rate of the rest of the system will trigger an alert to the operator
  • Error is indicated by audible alarm, display notification and illuminated LED at the affected nozzle body
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