Produits de pulvérisation

Les bulletins ainsi que d’autres informations utiles sur les produits de pulvérisation TeeJet sont disponibles au téléchargement ; cliquer simplement sur un des liens ci-dessous.

New Products 2014-2015
pdfAI3070 FR (1,393 kb)
Nouvelle série de vannes à boisseau sphérique 430. Nouvelle gamme de vannes compactes et résistantes qui assurent des performances supérieures.
Highlights and information on our 144P series boom valves that offer excellent reliability with corrosion resistant, internal stainless steel components.
Educational booklet on spray nozzle terminology, selection, use and maintenance. It is a 56-page booklet filled with unbiased, helpful information for everyone involved with the application of plant protection products.
pdfStreamJet_SJ-3_US (1,419 kb)
Features a spray tip designed to accurately apply liquid fertilizer at evenly spaced intervals with three identical fluid streams of equal velocity and capacity.
pdfXP BoomJet_Metric (767 kb)
Highlights our boomless spray nozzle which delivers an extra wide spray pattern up to 5.6 meters across. The XP BoomJet is perfect for boomless applications in orchards, forestry, right-of-way, and de-icing operations.
Explains the importance of drop size information and why individuals must possess a better understanding of the basic atomization process and means for evaluating the process. This 35-page booklet is designed to provide a practical approach to drop size related issues.
Deals with application equipment and the calibration of low-pressure sprayers, granular applicators, high-pressure sprayers, air-carrier sprayers, small-capacity sprayers and dusters, and aerial sprayers and granular applicators.
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