FieldJet® Boomless Nozzles

FieldJet Boomless Nozzles with Extra Wide Flat Spray Projection


  • Its one-piece nozzle design projects spray to both sides to form a wide swath flat spray.
  • The round orifice minimizes clogging.
  • Uniformity across the swath is not as good as with a properly operated boom sprayer.*
  • Available in brass or stainless steel. 

*Uniformity can be optimized by double overlapping spray swaths on successive sprayer passes. Remember, this also doubles the application volume.

Typical Applications

  • The KLC FieldJet nozzle is typically used to spray areas not accessible with a boom sprayer.

How to order:
Specify part number and material.
     1/4KLC-SS18 - Stainless Steel

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