Software Update v1.04 for Matrix

Software Update v1.04 for Matrix

Please be advised that a software update, v1.04, has been released for Matrix . The features being released are fully tested and bring significant improvement to the performance of this product.

Updates inlcude:

  • Improved touch screen response
  • Split Screen option is available in RealView Guidance mode on the Matrix 570G
  • Improved touch screen calibration for the Matrix 570G
  • Up to eight cameras can be used on the Matrix 570G (with the 8-Channel VSM)
  • Updated translations to all languages except Swedish & Italian

Matrix v1.04 Software Update - software and instructions for updating your product.

*Please note the technical document included in the software update pertains to v1.04 as well.

If you have any questions with regards to the applications or upgrade procedures, please. Contact your TeeJet Technologies regional representative.